Hello everyone! 
We are happy to announce the creation of a new art platform in Aarhus! 
We strongly believe that everyone has a capacity for creative work and UAC aims precisely at encouraging awareness of this. We want to bring socially oriented art to the streets, to each individual house, to the institutions and governments. Our art promotes collective action and transformation of the city from the bottom, it encourages people to work together as a group and fight for their dreams no matter what. All artistic projects and all processes of creation at UAC involve communities. Therefore, we are eager to help anyone who has a community-directed artistic project and/or who wants to participate in one. 
But most importantly, we want to find allies in spirit and thought through our works; and we want to reconnect to each other and rediscover ourselves and others in a world where individualism prevails and community almost does not exist.
To join us, or become a member you need to engage in our current or future artistic projects and make your projects come true with us:) 
If you want to join our organization and/or if you have an artistic proposal please send it to us!